Brutal contraste



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_ Interview en exclu d’Holophonics
_Gros Instant Grind core



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Brutal contraste


Playlist de l’émission :

Groupe : Titre :

Holophonics : Travel diary from inner landscape
Holophonics : Fast Forward
Holophonics : A new life to come

Nouveau jingle instant Grind : (Faxe avec Stuck your anus with a can betwen friends doesn’t make you gay)

False frag attack : False laterest
Groosty : Burn baby burn
Geriatric Slaughter : Geriatric death squad
Hungry like Rakovitz : Celestial incest

Jig Aï : yan sing butchery
Jesus ain’t in Poland : Caterpillars in Rwanda
Tourbe : Human process
Hordur : O

Captain caveman : Casuality of war
Apes unit : Herbalife of death
Bain de sang : We are the blood we are the fear
Suppository : all dead

Agathocles : Another dead soldier
Departement of correction : uncle drive me to school
Brutal truth : I see red

Holophonics : Chemically mine