Deux instants






Au programme :

_Instant Grind de Mr Z
_Instant Punk d’elliot





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Deux instants


Morceau culte choisit par Mr Z :

_Nostromo – Selfish blues

Instant Grind :

_Axis Of Despair – Emasculate
_Implore – All is not lost is long forgotten
_Closet Witch – It doesn’t fell free
_Black Water Birth – Repeat offender

_Progress Of Inhumanity – Hatred mentality
_Progress Of Inhumanity – There’s no alternative
_Turtle Rage – Turtle medecine
_Turtle Rage – Let’s agree to desagree

_Noisy Neighbors – Dirty bastards
_System Destroyer – The suffering is your punishment
_System Destroyer – Human farm
_Glimpse Into Genocide – Accused into felony

_Insane Order – In vivo veritas
_Insane Order – Mean shit to me

_Gummo – Save the world
_Gummo – Burn a banker
_Gummo_ – Fucking monkey drummer

_Nasum – Wrath

Instant Punk :

_Ludwig von 88 – Amoureux Solitaire

_The Damned – Sonar Deceit
_The Damned – New Rose

_Angry Sometimes – 48%
_Angry Sometimes – Find a Way

_The Vibrators_ – Judy Says ( Knock You in the Head )
_The Vibrators – Retard

Morceau cool outro choisit par elliot° :

_Mastodon – White Walker