Grunge Grind et Metalcore



Au programme :

_Chronique de « Rainier Fog » d’ Alice In Chains
_L’Instant Grind de Mister Z
_Chronique de « Learn to heal » de DETORN




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Grunge Grind et Metalcore


Morceau culte choisit par Mr Z :

Motorhead – Iron horse born to lose

Alice In Chains – Red Giant

Instant Grind :

PLF – Antihumanistic cull
Needfull things – Silence is a key
My minds mind – Slave abuse

LMDA – Selfmade god
LMDA – Cold but not dead

Born to murder the world – Poisoning purity
Psychoneurosis – I am the truth
Pendrak – Le cimetiere de l’intelligence

One day in fukushima – Sawney’s eyes
One day in fukushima – Stench of rotten

Suffering Quota – Fear of history repeating

Utsu – Resisto
The atrocity exhibit – Human Affliction

Viceral climax – Corpo sem orgao
Viceral climax – Compre agora e pague para sempre

Detorn – Land Of Choices