Hommage et Grind

Au programme :

_ Live report du moshfest 3

_Hommage à Chris Cornell



Playlist de l’émission :

Groupe : Titre

Mercyful Fate : Doomed by the living dead

Riposte : Regression
Violent Reflex

Moshpig : Don’t tride the pig
My world keeps turning

Vengeance : Your Breath
Down on your knee

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition : Misleading Weapons of Mass Destruction
Shacles of terrorism

Crippled Fox : More fun More Trash
Fast is the only way

The Arson’s Project : Haïl Armaggedon

Pendrak : 3615 connard
Delivrance Through Uniformity

Inhumate : I am the beast

Blockheads : the World is dead
Media Warfare

Soundgarden : Jesus Christ Pose
Soundgarden : Kickstand
Soundgarden : Ty Cobb
Soundgarden : Cochise
Soundgarden : Been away too long

Temple of the dog : Hunger Strike